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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm a REAL Cowgirl Now!

While on Spring Break...while at a stockshow...what's a gal to do?
For some time now, I've been searching high and low for some thrifted gaudy cowboy boots....TO NO AVAIL!
I wanted some thrifted $600.00 boots like the local Mexican men wear WITHOUT the little silver tips. ;)
A little birdy informed me that boot companies have started to make vintage lines of boots....

Behind Door #1:

I LOVED these boots....very 70's embroidered detailing.
I was very surprised how comfortable they were on my feet.

Then behind Door #2:

ALLIGATOR!!! GREEN ALLIGATOR! They were very soft and felt well used. The even had cutouts on the leg part...look closely and you can see socks and pant legs...

Behind Door #3:
Brown vintage inspired with red inlay!
These boots were tall also...the toes weren't too pointy, which is a good thing since I tend to drag my feet some and tripped myself in another pair.


I chose DOOR #3!

I REALLY liked the embroidered pair, but felt that if I wore them with my TRUE COWBOY, he might be somewhat embarrassed to be seen with me...although he would NEVER tell me that!
The Alligator was really nice too....'cept when you want to tuck in your pants...then it all shows through the little cut outs.
The brown ones were really comfortable AND they wouldn't embarrass my REAL COWBOY in public....he actually kind of liked them!
Now, I need to go through my closet and find the perfect outfit to go with them! I might even find some THRIFTED outfits!


Sherri Boyce said...

I want the green ones!!! We even wear the same size!!!! Where did you find them?

carolina nana said...

You are so funny,I like your choice best also just because the toes aren't so pointed.I used to love wearing cowboy,(er, girl) boots until I got plantar facitis ,oops I really don't know how to spell that! Anyway now I can't wear heeled boots. Hope your girls did good in their livestock shoes!!

Territory Mom said...

I was going to choose #3. Love all of them though.
Have you joined Oklahoma Bloggers Club.
Here is a link
Talk to you soon.

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