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Friday, June 25, 2010

A View of My Bedroom....

This is the door way...the one with the 1950's prom dress on it.
Yes, my bathroom is sherbet orange....soon to be a creamy country white.
My side of the bed.
I got the table for $10.00 at a garage sale...it was short, so I added the blue suitcase to it.
The lamp is a thrifted makeover lamp that can be seen somewhere on this blog.
All of the pictures have been thrifted for $5.00 or less.
I want more.

I got this picture for $2.00 at a thrift store....it just called my name! Look at the pink in it.
The pillows are a hodge podge...left is an adorable sweater that I made into a pillow. The middle pillows are from a local flea market for $1.00 each.
The pom-pon pillow is my husband's grandmother's handmade pillow.

This is David's side of the bed...the manly man side....
All thrifted or given to me.
The top one is new, from Big Lots when my daughters remodeled their room...yep, I stole it.
The stand is just a vintage camp seat.
My window...sigh....
I have a wonderful shelf to put above it....just have to get busy painting.
The "curtain" is actually a head wrap....
The lights create a wonderful glow at night.

Vintage tray...thrifted...$1.00.
I plan to hang my necklaces from it on magnetic hooks.
Birdhouse is from a garage sale...$.50.
There is a very vintage 1940s wedding cake topper in the birdcage.
I got it for $1.50...yes, $1.50!!!
I found out it was glass when I accidentally dropped it....and the groom's head fell off....akkkkkk.
Notice my tricked out name tag laying beside it....I love my tricked out name tag.

I found this article in a vintage magazine and have had it hanging for several months.....

This week, I got creative with the numerous vintage hats I've scored over the years.
I made a collage....

Above my mirror are more hats and a wonderful GIFT from a dear friend who is very talented with floral decorations. THANKS KIM!
The wall color looks different in each picture...the closest to the real color would be the last picture.
Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a comment, I try to visit blogs of people who comment....I like snooping. :)


Kim said...

You are always changing, but I like it. Very pretty and OH very manly for David too :)

Farmchick said...

Hi--just stopping in for a visit...I have been out of the loop and I am sure missing everyone. :)
Love your room....it's very cute! Hope you can stop by soon for a visit. :)

carolina nana said...

You are such a wonderful decorator,that room is gorgeous I love all the vintage stuff.
Blessings to you Marilyn

carla said...

Read your comment about the tortillas on 50's Housewife and decided to come over here for a visit.

Your bedroom is Beautiful! I remember when my sister painted her bedroom furniture that color when I was a little girl.

Our bedroom needs a re-do but I'll be confined to the 60s since we're using the bedroom furniture that my parents bought for me in 1967 (except for the headboard - a double just doesn't work with a king sized bed).

Sherri Boyce said...

Your house is gorgeous!!!

Want to

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