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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Then I shot SUPER GIRL!!!

Isn't she just dripping with orneriness....did I spell that right?
Is that even a word?
Meet Livvie.
When I was asked to take Livvie's pictures, I requested
that they step away from the traditional frilly girl
pictures....step FAR away.
I had a picture in my mind and tried my
best to convey it to the family.

I think I did a great job, because just LOOK at that OUTFIT!!!
It is sooooo perfect for her little personality!

We hit the local park on a day that was supposed to be 51 degrees.
It was 51 degrees alright, with a windchill of about 40 degrees.
Livvie had snotcicles.
I had snotcicles.

On a side note:  Parents, if you are at the park with your children, GET OFF YOUR PHONE
There were 4 - 5 kids that must have been lacking in attention because
they tried their darnedest to get IN THE PICTURES.
Their mom or babysitter just stood within 6 ft. and played on her
phone and never said a thing to them.....arrrggggh.

It was a good thing I was almost finished or I might have let my
ugly side make an appearance.

We managed to get some great shots of Livvie.
I must admit that the picture below is one of my all time
Looking for Santa....awwwwww.

Thanks to Regina for letting us use her AWESOMESAUCE fireplace!!!
Livvie.....thanks for the great time and great outfit!!!

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Jennifer said...

She's adorable, you are always super creative with your shots!

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