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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Need a BANNER?


Jenny (hubby's cousin) made this banner for Carly...who almost always has to celebrate her birthday at the stockshows. Which is why the ugly background.

Jenny did such an AMAZING job on this banner...don't you think?

I got to pick my colors and theme....pinks and blues and vintagie....is that a word?

Look at all the love and detail she put into it!

These pictures don't do it justice!

Make sure you pop on over to JENNY's SITE (CLICK HERE)
and have her make you a custom banner. I think it is $2.00 a letter.
While you are there, hang around and read some of her posts...she is quite a funny gal!
I plan to hang this banner for all birthdays in the family!!!
This is Jenny taking a picture of me.....I was supposed to post this pic a long time ago....she has my pic on her blog.....SOMEWHERE.


jennykate77 said...

AWE! Thanks, Traci! I'm so so glad you loved the banner! It was the longest one I've made so far and it was so fun! I'll try to get your Easter one made ASAP! I've got a few more requests, so I better get busy! Work has been nuts-O lately, wish I could just craft all day :) Hope you have a great day! Love ya!

Misty said...


Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

That banner looks great!!!

SaChay said...

I love that! Tomorrow is my Husbands Birthday, too late to order one for him now.

Rains Family said...

That is cool! Missed you all yesterday, too bad we couldn't just move Bible Study to St Francis, it would have livened it up a bit! keep praying for us!

Vintage Kitten said...

Wow its beautiful. I think she needs to put her prices up, its an absoulte bargain for such alot of work X

justusseven said...

Just wanted to thank you for linking to Moms by Heart in your sidebar =) Lori

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