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Friday, February 12, 2010

Are There NEAT Creative People Out There??

Yep, had to stop in the madness to have some nourishment.
It can completely wear a person out using all their creative juices at one time!

That is glue from a paper doily heart...do you have a better way to glue the little buggers?

Pretty paper....

Here is the result of all that creative juice!
I even handmade the wittle envelopes!

While at Wal-Mart..gag...I found some Martha Stewart kits on clearance for $2.50.
I can't BELIEVE the original price was around $8.00...no WAY would I EVER pay $8.00 for that kit.
Anyhow, I like the little honeycomb fruits and used them and made my own cards.
Instead of making my own cards, I used her cards as a skeleton....
The PEACHY card is for Regan.
This one is Carly's....she's my vintage girl.
I used the vintage valentine paper....isn't it adorable?

Then I used the APPLE.....

Here is Sydni's card....She is our sweets freak.
She was at one time on a baking kick and wanted to start making cupcakes for everyone....yah, I think that last a whole 2 minutes.

So, needless to say...she got the CUPCAKE.

No, you aren't seeing double...I made a vintage one for my sweetie!!
I'm sure he wouldn't expect anything else....

He got the PEAR. Get it? Pear/pair? I know, I'm funny like that!!

Well, the Valentines are done....and now, I'm sure you are wondering about that mess I made.....

TA DAAAAA.....back to normal!!! It took me less than 15 min. to get it cleaned up.
I love my FLYLADY timer.....I could have easily looked at that mess and said, "Ewwww" and just left it. Instead, I got out the timer and got busy....
I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day....I am headed off to a secret cabin hideaway with my wonderful man!


carolina nana said...


Drama Momma said...

Funny. I used the SAME vintage paper (from Hobby Lobby) for Troy's envelope. I did a blue and red card and then used the adorable vintage for my envelope (which I messed up on), but if it was perfect, it would look store-bought, and well, mine were from the heart. Your's look wonderful!

kenziekylanmom said...

Not sure if you can be neat and creative at the same time! Did you see our photo of when we made valentines? or table was a mess too!

Lara Jane | Ultimate Lifestyle Project said...

I'm not sure if I can be neat and creative at the same time also! Great blog - it's an enjoyable read.

Mc Allen said...

Trac, seriously? could you be any craftier????? ( I secretly love the peach one! ) and , I remember the day ou found that table and those chairs! nice to see you still got it ;) xxoo LA

Farmchick said...

Very cute! Hope you are doing well...I have not seen you around lately...{hint hint} Come say hi...:)

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