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Monday, February 8, 2010

Homemade Valentines (picture heavy)

I got to attend a Victorian Valentine Workshop this past weekend.
The art of making valentines for our loved ones has all but disappeared.

The first time I attended this workshop, we used wallpaper samples....that was looong before the scrapbooking craze took off.
The workshop is held in a home turned museum.

Here is a pretty envelope I made myself....

This is what is INSIDE that pretty envelope.
This valentine was NOT my favorite and if you ever get one from me, know that you must be pretty darn special due to the difficulty level of this valentine!

Here I am working so hard for my loved ones!! My friend Stacey spent the day doing this also.

This is one of my favorites and quite easy to make.

I love the vintage pattern on the brown valentine....I know, not traditional colors.
If you know me at all, you know I am NOT traditional.

The floral one is more traditional w/ a lot of bang inside.

More of the brown one...
There is a pretty yellow one in the background in which was not a good valentine to show....I need to practice on that one some more...it was very easy though.
Take some time this week to make your loved ones special valentines!!!
Here is a great LINK to make homemade boxes from paper.


Territory Mom said...

So beautiful!! Thanks for sharing the great pics. Thanks for the links. I love the Oklahoma Historical homes. Its snowing here, has it reached you? Stay warm

Misty said...

How fun! I love all the pictures, too. Thanks for sharing! :)

Hope you guys are warm and well - we had snowflakes this morning that were more than 1-1/2" in diameter! It looked like snowballs were falling from the sky! :)

carolina nana said...

Beautiful Valentines,I hope your loved ones appreciate the love and time you spent on each one. Homemade things are so much more special than store bought!! Have a Blessed day and happy Valentines day.

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