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Thursday, January 6, 2011


If you saw my 2011 GOALS, then you know I plan to
try 52 recipes this year and blog them for your
My hope is to find a few new recipes to add
to our favorites list.

I will add link if I find the recipe online because it will
be much easier for you to print a copy if you choose it is worth it.

 Here are the ingredients!  The recipe called for bread crumbs.
I  chose Italian bread crumbs instead of making my own
plain crumbs.
I also chose a softer bread for the buns.  I am not
one for CRUSTY bread....hurts my mouth.
Please NOTE:  You can adjust the recipe on ALLRECIPES.COM
to the portion size you need.
We have our beef butchered and our ground beef is
packaged in 2 lb. packages....so I doubled the original
recipe....what you should see when you click
the link is the DOUBLED RECIPE.
 I set the oven for 350 degrees.
 I needed 4 cloves of garlic.
If you don't have one of Pampered Chef garlic things.....
Just check this baby out!!!
 It is made of silicone....I think.
You put the little clove inside......
 Take your hand and press and roll back and forth a few times.
 VOILA'....you have a skinned clove of garlic!!!
Yes, it is THAT easy!!!
 See!  In no time flat, I had four skinned cloves!
 I used my garlic press to mince the little cloves.

 Ok, I have to admit something here......
I have NEVER EVER cooked with FRESH parsley.
I had NO IDEA parsley was used for ANYTHING other
than a plate decoration....SERIOUSLY!!!
They came with some stiff little stems that surely should
have been cut off.....I cut MOST of them off
before I put them in my handy little ULTIMATE CHOPPER.
Yes, my mother watched one too many infomercials.....
I am glad she did, 'cause this is my SECOND Ultimate
CHOPPER!!!  Thanks MOM!!!
 Here are all the mixing ingredients ready for some mixing!
Yep, that is another Pampered Chef tool that one
should not be without when cooking.
I can't STAND to use my hands to mix stuff....
it just grosses me OUT.
Guess what?  My little tool didn't quite do the job....
I had to use my HANDS....ewwwwww.
I did wash them first thank you very much!
 Are you PROUD of me???
I AM!!
It wasn't as bad as I dreamed about in my
 PLEASE NOTE:  The recipe directions are talking with
the original portion size.
So, when it says to make 12 meatballs, you really need to make
I made more....just a few more.

 They are cooked before you put the sauce on them.
After this point, I pretty much did my own thing.
 Instead of dirtying up  another pan, I just put
all the meatballs in one pan and poured the
2 jars of sauce over them.
Popped them back into the oven and cooked for
another 10 - 15 minutes.
 Because the sauce makes soft bread even softer...ok, soggier,
I hollowed out some and stuck them in the oven to
toast them.
Those meatballs realllllly were smelling a little too
Italian, so I was paranoid about doing the garlic
butter on the bread.
I just used THE BREAD.

 When all was done, I used a slotted spoon to scoop
the meatballs onto the bread and added fancy
provolone cheese.
I just used my fancy cheese cutter potato peeler
to slice the cheese.  Seriously, you didn't think
had had some cheese slicer did you?
There was noooooo way I was going to haul out
my big food processor to grate the chunk of cheese.
Honest to Pete, I've never bought PROVOLONE before
this recipe.
 Now for your viewing glory, you get to see numerous
pictures of the NOT SO MARTHA STEWART looking
 Keep looking....keep drooling!
Yes, I put a meatball sandwich on FINE CHINA!
We eat all our meals on FINE CHINA.
It is not a matched set, it is pretty stuff I've
collected from family, friends and thrift stores.
 At this point, I decided to make it look prettier....
no, I left the slop on the plate....I just sliced the
 Soooooo, what is our verdict for this recipe?
As you can see my sweet Carl gives it a thumbs UP....
he would have done 2 thumbs up if he weren't sitting
in the living room instead of at the table
where he belonged.....
This recipe will go into our FAVORITES
book!  It took some time to make, but I think
it is only because it was my first try at it.
I can make a huge batch and freeze which
will save a lot of time on those nights
we need something quick.
Thanks for sharing and I hope I didn't crash
your computer with the tons of pictures.


Dana and Daisy said...

looks yummy! and I like your new blogskin! Very you!

Catch A Falling Star said...

It looks super yummy!
I've never been much for meatballs but, with all those fresh ingredients I may have to try this one.
I have been dollecting new recipes for about 3-4 months and slowly trying them out myself.
Keep 'em coming!

carolina nana said...

Wow that looks good, my mouth is watering and it's almost midnight.
Have a blessed tomorrow

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