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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Homeschool Art @ The Purple Glaze Studio

I know, it looks like a cake.....
but it is a rather large mixing bowl.
A few weeks ago, our church youth group went to
The Purple Glaze Studio to make ceramic crosses to
decorate the wall in the youth room.

 Regan finished her cross and got started on
some dragon goblet.  Of course, she
didn't finish before it was time to leave.....
which meant we would have to make a
return trip to The Purple Glaze Studio.

 Well, if you know me well, you know there
was NO way I was going to just sit and
watch her paint.
I've done this before and was really not that
impressed with how my ceramic piece turned out.
If you don't get EVEN painted layers, they will look
faded in certain areas on the piece.
 The sweet young worker girl showed me EXPLOSION
PAINT.  You just paint 2 coats....it has chunks in it
that will EXPLODE when heated and create
a 60's style effect on the pottery.
 Now THAT excited me enough to want to make an
ASHTRAY.....yah, you heard me right...and ASHTRAY.
No, I do not smoke nor allow anyone to smoke in my house.
I thought it would be way cool to have a 1960s looking ashtray
in my office to
prop my paint brushes on when painting!!!
 Well, that is what I had planned on making when I got there....
until a HUGE bowl kept calling my name......
I think I have a mixing bowl fetish.....
So, I picked up the lonely bowl and picked my paint.
Since my kitchen cabinets are guacamole green,
I choose one that was going to be white with
green specks.
I slapped my two coats of paint on.....
and TAH DAH!!!

 I think it is UH MAZING!!!
This project cost me $25.19....
 See how I like to keep my bowls at arms reach in the kitchen.
I use mixing bowls all the time.
I just realized that one is actually missing in the picture....
I have a vintage turquoise print one as well.
I know you were worried I wouldn't show Regan's
goblet...well, here yah go!!!  She did an awesome job
on her project and earned an "A".  I'm the
teacher and I can do that!!!

1 comment:

kenziekylanmom said...

I LOVE it, very cool! We haven't been to the Purple Glaze in a while...hmmm, you've got me thinking now. Looks like the Wedemeyer's will be headed for some homeschool fun sometime soon!

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