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Monday, March 28, 2011

52 NEW Recipes in 2011: Recipe #8

(Click the above Link for the Recipe)

I totally forgot to take a picture of the ingredients.
I bought a container of supposedly "fresh" Parmesan cheese....
should it be dry?  This was very dry.

 This recipe is really simple....a little messy since
you have to dip the chicken, but still easy.
 Doesn't butter make all recipes better????
 Davie gave it the THUMBS UP!!
This took less than one hour from start to finish.
For some reason, I can NEVER get the same amount
of chicken as in the recipe.....I know I am doing something
wrong.  It called for 6 breasts.....I guess mine were DD breasts
or something.  :)
Even the daughter loved this recipe.
The chicken was very moist, but I would also probably
add a bit more spices to the breading......

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snwbnnyinoz said...

This looks really good. Think I'll have to put it in my next menu plan.

Paula (Mum to 3)

Want to

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