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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dave Ramsey Cash Envelopes/Wallets

 We started the official Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University
a few weeks ago.
I have always used the envelope method but got away from actually
using the envelopes...because they tore.
I used the big bulky plastic coupon organizer for years.

I found a great YOUTUBE tutorial on
making a zippered pouch.
She wasn't as detailed as I needed.....I broke 2 needles
learning how to put in the ding dang zippers.
I FINALLY got it!!!
Now I can whip them out in 25 minutes!!!
These used to be ONE pillow case.
Total cost for each was approximately $1.75 to make.
When I get better, I will make a tutorial...but you can go to
youtube and search zippered pouch and get several
In case you wanted to know, we have completed baby step #1.
We are plowing through #2.....


Catch A Falling Star said...

Awesome! Congrats on baby step #1!!
We took the Dave Ramsy class at our church a few months back and we absolutely loved it!
Love the checkered "envelopes"!
Great job!

The Gaelic Wife said...

Cute pouches! But what is Dave Ramsey Peace University? I need to google it.

Angie Berry said...

You go, girl!! We are on #2 also and have been for quite some time because we had about a dozen loans out... yikes! Down to 2 loans left under $5,000 total and so stinkin' excited about it!! Keep rollin' and you'll be at #3 before you know it! =]

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