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Monday, November 17, 2008

Sacrificing for Their Nanny.....

As most of you know, my mother, aka Nanny, will be starting chemo for colon cancer next week. The Dr. suggested that all family who come in contact with her get the flu shot.
Well, while we were at our church's annual spaghetti dinner....a nurse just so happened to be there to give HER family flu shots.....
Then she graciously decided to offer them to others who needed it...until she ran out.
This picture below is NOT one of my children.....the person standing BEHIND the boy IS REGAN.....yep, she is FREAKING herself out by WATCHING the torture of others....ba haaaaa.

Ok, this is Regan. Take note of the hand she is holding.....no, that is NOT MY HAND....I'm taking the pictures, silly.
Note the color of the hand......note the look on Regan's face.....and she hasn't even got the shot yet.
(NOTE: The boy is NOW watching Regan get her TORTURE)

Now the shot.....I think she squeezed the blood out of poor Tresa's arm.....lol.

This is Sydni.....completely stressing herself out over the SIZE OF THE NEEDLE.....why do they feel compelled to look?
Also, I didn't get a picture of her face when she found out that the nurse ran out of flu shots.....
This is also the face she is making when she found out there were REALLY still shots for those UNDER 18!!!

If she closes her eyes....maybe she won't feel it......

Breathe!!! Breathe!!!! Breathe!!!!!

I'm not going to show you the pictures of in the bathroom....crying because of the stress, not the pain.....lol.
Carly just zipped in there and took her shot and I didn't get a picture......and it was hard for me to take a picture of myself getting the shot......
Now, we are going to chase my hubby with a needle until he gets his shot....he was conveniently gone before we knew about the shots.


Kim said...

Way to go girls, Kyle and Rachel have to take one every year for me.

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

OMgoodness Traci! I've still got to get the kids and I to our doc for the shots. I've never had them before. We just kind of tough it out, but with your Nanny needed extra protection, I'm glad the kids and you got your shots.
Hugs and Hugs & prayers for Nanny

Joy @ Five J's said...

I LOVE the Unsocialized Homeschooler tshirt. Where can I get some for my kids?

fly baby in OKC said...

We are asthmatics...we need to get shots but we never have. Kiddo even got the flu one year - we nipped it in the bud with homeopathic supplements until we could get an Rx from the doc. No problem-o since then...

Still praying for your mom and her treatments, Traci. Keep us posted and we'll lift her up as well as you guys! :o)

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