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Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Time on the Farm....Just Gettin' Real

This is how the baby goats spend 99% of their awake time...
jumping around like they have ants in their pants.

This is what mama does when she just isn't in the mood to milk.
Look at their pose...."Hey, where'd she go?"

There are actually 3 more of these little buggers....

My husband, pulling a calf on Sydni's show calf.

This is the calf that David was pulling in the previous picture...
ended up having to be delivered by C-Section by the Vet.
We actually didn't think the calf would be alive...he was just
too big. The Vet even said some expletives when
he pulled the calf out and put him on the ground and realized
he was ALIVE! His name is BIGGIN'. He is almost double the size
of a normal calf.
Proud mama w/ Biggin'.
Look carefully at her side...you will see the C-Section scar.

Don't you just want to say "AWWWWWWW"?

I have about 99 pictures of the goats alone....and in at least
85 of them is this baby.....just staring....never moved.
This is OREO...every time I go to take pictures...she has to have
her picture taken.....she pops in out of NOWHERE.
I told her I would put her mug...er, uh...picture here
on my blog and she promised to quit jumping into the pictures.


Misty said...

What wonderful pictures...I'm a city-girl through and through, but I sure love me some farm "pitchers"! LOL! I love the leapin' lizards - I mean goats! And Biggin' - wow! What a day for Mom, huh?!?

Rains Family said...

AAAAWWWWW! Thank you for not posting the pic of the calf actually coming out, I'm looking at them over breakfast, have a strong stomach, but not sure about that! The little goats are soooooo cute! The mama looks like she's getting ready to kick them in the butt in that one.

Kim said...

I just love the new spring babies. We are having some on our place right now.

Julie said...

Your pictures remind my of life at my house! I just love to see a new calf AFTER it's born. The momma always takes such care getting it cleaned up for the new world! Thanks for your sweet comment...hugs julie

Chas said...

It looks like things are really hoppin' around there in the springtime :) I just love all baby animals, but I think kittens are my very favorite! I love their uncontrollable bursts of energy.

Mama Koch said...

I want the orange kitty!

Glad the mom survived having the calf. Lots of work having babies!

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Oh my! All the new life! I'm in love with little white goat and with Oreo too. I love her "I'm ready for my closeup" attitude.
That calf is truly big and I'm so glad momma is doing okay. I know how she feels. My eldest child was 24 1/2" at birth and just under 10lbs. Birthed naturally...Can you say "ow!"

jennykate77 said...

AWWWWWEEEE! Those little goats are sooooo cute! I need to bring Isaiah out for a "field trip". I'm thinkin' Biggin' is quite appropriate for your new calf! Poor cow. Your kitties are adorable!

My Big Mouth said...

Too Cute!
I loved all the pictures.I use to live on a farm and I hated every minute of it.Now that Im an adult,I wish I could do it now and share it with the children.

Anonymous said...


Dana and Daisy said...

okay, well, I have never seen a cow pulled, so maybe this is not a mutually shared event. And I always thought roping cows was done on the front end! lol.

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