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Friday, April 10, 2009

Thrift Store Goodness

I do believe this is my PRIZE find for the week....
a handmade quilt...for $6.00!!!!
No method to the madness.....right up my alley!!!

I actually had a lady chasing me around the thrift store
asking me if I found the quilt there...well, DUH...why would I be wandering
around the store w/ a quilt on a day it was 80 degrees outside....

Very vintage hat....that goes with the
thrifted baby afghan...
that goes with the PROM DRESS my
oldest daughter made...
that goes w/ the vintage locket....
To make a very lovely display on my
sewing dummy.....I really need to name her.
Hmmmm....Petunia? Lily? Hyacinth? Rose?

My laundry room is a sherbet orange (NOPE, I'm not afraid of COLOR).
While thrifting, I found these delicious pillowcases for $1.00!

Just look at how they match!!!

This is an old popcorn tin. I spray painted it and added UPPERCASE LIVING letters. I am in the process of adding another one for birdseed. I also want to put a kitchy knob on top...just haven't found one that was really speaking to me yet.


Kim said...

I like, very nice. I like the idea for the dog food. Great stuff.

Mama Koch said...

I have those same pillowcases in blue....and they're on the extra pillows on my bed.
I think they use to make pillowcases thicker--more durable years ago.

jennykate77 said...

Look at you and your crafty self! I'm loving the popcorn tin turned dog food bin! That's awesome!! Those pillow cases are so cute! They go great in your laundry room!

Hope you have a fabulous Friday!!

My Big Mouth said...

Ok,first off...I LOVE the color of the room where the "dummy" is!!Would love to do some bright painting in a few rooms here but alas....we rent *sigh*.The hat is FAB!I love old vintage hats.I have a dressmakers dummy my mother in law gave me.Whell,I have the bottom half,my hubby had not climbed into the attic to retrieve the rest of it. *sigh*
Thats too funny about the lady following you around the store,but what a great buy huh...$6.00...wow!

Rains Family said...

My Mamaw used to have that same sheet set. I still remember what my mom's old room looked like before Mamaw repainted and redecorated. It was orange, kinda like your laundry room, with an orange and yellow shag carpet rug, that bedding on a canopy bed and lots of those flowers. What fun finds! Maybe you could help me find ways "recycle" some of my junk!

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