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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Difference in ONE YEAR...Changes.

Sometimes we don't pay attention to the many changes we experience in a year's time. I was going through some of my pictures and came across this picture of my niece, Lindsay, pregnant with her first child. This picture was taken just a year ago.....

...and one year later....

This little blessing made his appearance in April of 2009.
I am sure this family has a long list of changes from the past year.

Take a moment to look back at the past year and REMEMBER.
Remember the many blessings you've experienced.
Remember the things that didn't seem like blessings, yet you grew from them.
Remember the family and friends who got you where you are now.
Remember the things that still don't seem like they could possibly be good...
Remember the changes.
Remember the love.
Remember that TODAY is the PRESENT...a gift.
Remember to Thank God.


Farmchick said...

Hi there~~ how are you doing?? Now that was an awesome post!! Hope all is well....

:) Tania

Territory Mom said...

I love babies!! Thanks for stopping by. I added a disclaimer about the house. I'm not far from you, I don't live in a town though, just south of Bristow. Our phone company is out of Davenport so on your feed it lists me from different places. Funny. I'll be back for some coffee!

lonestar said...

Stopping by via Territory Mom's blog. What a great post, I love it :)

Julie said...

Cute baby Santa. When are you going to take some pics of Eli for me.:)

Dawn Gahan said...

I finished reading this post and said a prayer for all that I'm grateful for. A reminder is always appreciated!


p.s. Yes, the bigger boxes in my advent calendar are the big matchboxes. They really hold quite a bit. The small matchboxes were more of a challenge to fill!

Marie said...

Great post!
Stopping by from Territory Mom.

Want to

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