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Monday, December 28, 2009

Mod Podge Tutorial for the Casino Freak in your Family

My husband's parents are casino fanatics.
They are also hard to buy for at Christmas time.
One thing you can guarantee...is that if they aren't going to visit
family or run errands....and they leave the house.....
they are going to find a casino. Sometimes, they even
include family in their casino trips.
So, we decided to "put our bet" on this present for Christmas.

We ran to Hobby Lobby and bought our cast of characters.
A cardboard container.
Casino & Road Trip Scrapbook stickers.
Scrapbook paper that has a card theme.

I trimmed the paper just a little longer than the canister.
It took 2 pieces to get all the way around the container.

I used Mod Podge to "glue" it to the container...
Trace the container and cut out a circle to cover the bottom.
Make sure you trim it a little smaller than the container.

To make the edges overlap the top & bottom neatly...you must trim them.

Then work your way around gluing it with the mod podge.

Once this is complete....let it completely dry or you will get some serious bubbling of the paper.

Repeat the same thing with the lid.
After they have completely dried, put a layer of
Mod Podge on the entire project.
Some of you perfectionist will notice I didn't line up the paper....OOPS!
Guess what....I'm NOT a perfectionist AND I covered most of it
up with STICKERS!!!
Once it has completely dried...add sticker embellishments.

If not, you will be PRYING it off because it STICKS!!
Don't ask me how I know this.... :(
My In-Laws like playing the PENNY SLOTS....
I seriously thought about putting 1,000 pennies in it....
I DID NOT...instead, we put CASH.
Charles, you can THANK US LATER...lol. :)


Grace said...

Now I know what I can do for kids birthday gifts {or even my sister's}.What another awsome idea!

Mod Podge Amy said...

So cute! I just reposted this on Twitter - love it!

Territory Mom said...

You're a genius!!!

My Big Mouth said...

That is absolutely adorable Traci!
I have a ton of dice I got from Vegas when I visited last.That would be a great box to keep them in!

Dawn Gahan said...

What a heartfelt gift! Love that all of us are going more and more in the direction of homemade gifts. THE best, I do believe!

Happy New Year, Traci!


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