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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Baker Farm

We are getting into the season around Baker Farm...aka Baker's Acres.
Take time to slow down and enjoy the season. Know that Jesus Christ
is the reason for this season.
Special memories are made by time
spent together, not by the dollar amount spent.
I can recall a handful of special presents from my childhood, but the
traditions and family are what are in abundance. Ask your children today what you gave them last year for Christmas....share their response with me.
Was it easily recalled? Did they even REMEMBER what they got?

Now ask them their favorite memories of Christmas. See if it isn't something with traditions and people.



Dawn Gahan said...

I think this picture is so sweet, so heartwarming, My favorite of you two, hands down.


Staci said...

I remember giving my then-2-year-old great-nephew a gift that I "wrapped" in a tin John Deere box. He got a world of gifts, but the way he said "ooooohh" when he saw the John Deere box is one of my favorite memories of Christmas! And I don't even remember what I put in the box!

Dawn Gahan said...

Never did the cranberry and popcorn but love the look. I think Mr. Gideon might sniff out a tasty Christmas tree!

Sherri Boyce said...

Love this picture of you and David! It is great!

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