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Sunday, January 31, 2010

GOALS 2010 January Update

Well, has it already been one month since setting these goals?
I do think I did pretty good for this month...I certainly hope that it can continue.
  • We collected boxes the first week of January and a few weeks into January. We will continue to collect them...just in case.
  • We completed the mud porch on schedule. Boy, was that thing nasty!
  • This is a bonus: I took pictures of the appliances and listed two items on craigslist yesterday and have already had 4 - 5 emails about them. Still not sold, but am very hopeful.
  • We did NOT do anything to the old garage. The weather is not permitting that for us right now. We have until June 1st.
  • We have NOT painted the master bath. We DID however get two new outlets installed, which something that needed to be done before the painting started. We have until August 1st to paint the bathroom.
  • I did 24 of 31 days of Bible reading. I found that weekends were my weakest days. I do feel more calm and peaceful this month and I am sure it is because I have been spending time with my Lord.
  • Flylady Zone: I am going to give myself a passing grade because I did manage to deep clean each zone. I still need work on doing the 15 min. in each zone on a daily basis.
  • No progress on the water line. Deadline is September 1st.
  • No progress on the culvert in the pasture. Deadline is July 1st.
  • Getting change jars together to cash in in February.
  • We DID get a good set of scales...yes, I GASPED when I got on them! I lost 7 lbs. in January!
  • I am giving myself a passing grade on drinking 8 glasses of water a day. I didn't get them every day...but I also didn't have ANY pop in January!!!
  • Eating out was a total BUST....hanging head in shame. I knew this would get us and it did. The next two months are busy stockshows for us and I know the eating out will get us again and that part was planned...just not the January one....still going to lessen it though. It isn't night meals that get us...it is the run through the drive-thru at lunch...for this, I need to plan better.
Overall, I think we did pretty good on the goals. We stayed focused and helped each other stay motivated. Now, on to February!!


Misty said...

I give you an "A" for effort Traci! :) Great job getting things done...I'm afraid that I have been greatly unmotivated as of late - don't know if it's first trimester fatigue or a bit of depression due to my gallbladder situation and being nearly terrified to eat ANYTHING! :\ Well, I know God will get me through it...He is so good! :)

Farmchick said...

Sounds like you are doing awesome...keep on truckin' :) Stop over and visit me soon !:)

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