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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wheeee...Have You Seen the Original Beverly Hillbillies Car?

My daughter's college has a 3-story museum...and in this museum is
this sweet find!

Here is Sydni with a friend.
For some reason, she doesn't seem as excited as ME....
Just think....GRANNY sat in this car!!
I could have sat in the car too...they wanted $10.00 to do it and to take a picture...THEY take a picture and you BUY it....
Look! There is even a picture of the whole family....now I
feel 'special!!

What are the chances that a little ole college in the Ozarks would end up with this gem?
If you ever get to College of the Ozarks, stop by their museum and
look at this 3-story marvel.
This place has more stuffed animals than I think I've ever even seen live.
Update on the office/studio makeover.....still working on it....counter top should be in this week or next!!


The Gaelic Wife said...

Next time you go, stand on the other side of the car and take a picture so that it looks like you're in the car.

Farmchick said...

Funny....I love that show...especially Granny! :) Come say hi.

Angie Berry said...

How cool that your daughter goes to school there! One of my brothers went there. I was going to Southwest MO State University in Springfield and transferred to there... back then it was School of the Ozarks (S of O). But some things happened before the semester started and I never made it. I had friends that went there and had been there many, many times. When you started this post, I knew exactly where it was although I have not been back in many years! It was a beautiful college back then and I'm sure it still is.

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