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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dollar Tree Halloween Props....WHEEEEEE!

Yay! It is September 1st! That means I can start decorating for Halloween and not be considered WEIRD....well...OK...I already know I'm weird, it just makes
me seem LESS weird!
I ran to the Dollar Tree before others discovered the goodies....
I found gruesome body organs for $1!
They looked just fine on the meat trays they come in....but, I had BIGGER
plans for my little heart and brain....

This would also make a great April Fool's Day gag too, don't you think?
Dollar Tree also has the family picture holograms that change to evil looking skeletons....just $1.
I wasn't thrilled with the cheap frames, but I can fix that.....sheesh, am I complaining about a cheap $1 frame??? NOOOooooOOOOOooo way!


Mama Koch said...

YES! You ARE weird...but aren't we all in some way??

Catch A Falling Star said...

Ha ha...yes I have seen these in the Dollar Tree for about 2 -3 weeks now.I need to get in gear and grab some up before they are gone as they always are so quickly.
If you are weird, then so am I!
I thrive on the idea of Halloween and buying/making gruesome,gross,slimy,bloody goodies. One day my family will overpower me and have me commited.
Until then I laugh HA HA HA...

Rains Family said...

As Cooper would say....Eeeewww! LOL!! Yes, you are weird, that's why we love you! I am almost scared to come near your house til November 1st! hahah!! Just kidding, I like to see what kind of creepy stuff you add to your collection!

Sherri Boyce said...

Can I just say GROSS! I love ya! We would all have nightmares!

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