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Friday, December 3, 2010

Go Green! Be a Tree Hugger!

Yep!  It is that time of year again...the annual Christmas Parade!
For the 6th year, my sister, Terri, and I dressed
as characters....I know, I know, we are ALREADY characters...
who needs to DRESS as characters.
We've heard it all before so SAVE YOUR BREATH!

Terri started off the very early morning by foaming!
Let's go down our list of the different characters we've been...
1.  Mr. & Mrs. Incredible (YES! We wore SPANDEX)
2.  Big Bird & Cookie Monster (We do NOT like wearing the big heads)
3.  Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum (We were often mistaken for the 3 pigs for some reason)
4.  Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum (We here hoping the kids would remember us, they did not.)
5.  Santa's Elves (This was by far our favorite, we were easily recognized...DUH!)
6.  Christmas Trees.  (Even the schools had our pictures all over the place!)

We discovered a slight costume malfunction....
Hair!  What do we do with the HAIR?

We are ready to go......
Uh oh....something ain't right with that lion back there behind us.

This is the largest group EVER!
See how Terri and I planted ourselves right there in the FRONT?

We had some new characters this year....pretty sure that is Fred or Barney's foot.
Terri and I were supposed to the some presents as shoes....
complete failure of the costume designer....NO CAN DO.
Our organizer, Janie, found us some silver shoes to go with our silver
garland....she does amazing things like that!

We must start with the PRESIDENT of our fan club, Chelle (Shelly).
She was elected as the president AGAIN.  We won't mention
that she is our ONLY fan.
Chelle is the GREENEST person I know!
No, seriously....her maiden name was GREEN.
This girl carries her own dishes with her if she thinks she is going somewhere
that there is Styrofoam in use.
She uses a LIVE tree every year and plants it after Christmas.
She recycles EVERYTHING!

My hair is holding up quite well.....just had to show you.

Here is Cooper, he is a tree hugger!

Terri and I take time out to pose with one of our cousin.
This cousin didn't smile because she is jealous that we are
MOBILE trees and she has to stay put at this daycare.
We tried to make her feel better by telling her
how much prettier she is with all her bling.
I don't think she bought our sincere lies truth.

Here we are AFTER all the madness of the day traveling to
every school, daycare, and nursing home.
We take time out for some spaghetti at the annual
Catholic Church Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction.

Before we head out to parade around some more.
We pause to take a picture with our beautiful MOTHER.
Mom is soooo proud of her trees.
They are the shiniest brightest "STARS".

Even the clowns are tree huggers.....he loved me so much, he
let me drive his HOT ROD!
Show the trees some LOVE!!!

Senator Kim David is a TREE HUGGER!

Terri tried to make the Highway Patrolman a tree hugger.....

He just wanted to be a tree CUFFER.....
Her bail was set at PRICELESS.....

The county became a tree hugger!

They also became a tree HAULER.....

The football coach, Moose (AKA my brother-in-law) became
a tree hugger!
By the way, our football team is heading to the state championship

The Mayor became a tree hugger......

Our local news anchor, Craig Day, became a tree hugger!

High school senior, CW, and family became TREE HUGGERS!

Dana, mom of one of my XS Group girls became a

It took some work, but I finally got my dear husband, David
to become a TREE LOVER!!!
Oh yes, he has stepped over the hugging and and truly

1 comment:

carolina nana said...

Looks like you had lots of fun parading as trees. Bet you made a lot of people smile today. God loves you for that !!!!
Have a blessed tomorrow

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