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Sunday, December 5, 2010

A VERY Big Family Photo Shoot.....WHEW!

Sooooo, I've never ever done this large of a family before....
Do you know how HARD it is to get a picture
when all of the subjects are actually LOOKING where
they are supposed to look?

Then add to that, very cold blustery wind....
A LOT of wind!

Then four children who love to FREAK out when
they see their parents KISS.  GASP!!!

This is a family who is very used to the typical "posed"
It too me a bit to get them to relax and ENJOY....
I'm sure the dad has plenty of people that won't believe
he actually JUMPED in a portrait!

Despite the wind and chilly weather....we managed
to squeak out some purty dadgum good pictures.

These pictures were taken with their cows....yep, the
cows were easier to get to cooperate than the family...hee hee.

If they had anymore kids, I would have had to pull
out the panoramic lens...which I do NOT have.
Seriously, four children is not bad....but when
it is the biggest family I've ever done....I have to
continue to have fun with the fact....THAT

Because this mom is my very good friend, I can goof like this on
the blog....NEVER would I talk like this when I didn't
know the family!  (LOOKING SHEEPISH)
Thanks guys for sharing your family with me!
I can't imagine how many pictures I would have had if it
weren't for the wind and cold..... :)


Kim said...

Great pictures! I had to look closer to see who it was and wasn't sure if I was looking at it right!

Territory Mom said...

OMG they are great. What a good looking family!!

Farmchick said...

Very good pictures! :) What kind of camera do you have? Is it digital?

Come over and visit me...:)

The Gaelic Wife said...

Great shots! I like the ones of the parents kissing. I think all kids get grossed out seeing their parents kiss.

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