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Saturday, December 18, 2010

I Can Finally Show Off Our 2010 Christmas Tree!!!

I had a hard time putting up decorations this year for some odd reason.
Typically, we put them up the first Sunday of Advent.
Here it is, December 18, 2010 and I finally got it done!
I started to put on the ornaments 2 days ago, but
got a lovely migraine and had to stop.
Getting a migraine while doing a particular "something" is
along the same lines of eating something and then
puking your guts out.....you tend to avoid the food
you were eating because you associate it with
I was hanging ornaments; got a migraine....so, the
only natural thing to do is stay far far away from
the ornaments!
Believe me, it was scary to pick up the first ornament after
having the migraine....I just waited for the flash
of lightning to blazing across my eyes......
ALAS!  It did NOT appear....so, I got it FINISHED!!!
Merry Christmas friends and please, if you don't already know........
Isn't that the
most beautiful feeling in the world???


Lisa said...

Traci - I feel your pain. I also am afflicted with migraines and have lost many hours and days to them. Your tree is beautiful! Merry Christmas and be well!

carolina nana said...

I can relate to the flash of lightening across your eyes,that just happened to me today in the grocery store and I had to get out of there fast and get home while I could still see the road. After tylenol and a hot pack on my head for several hours I still feel shakey tonight. I hate those migraines!!
I've been meaning to ask you if you ever heard of a man named Dan Baker who was an estate executor back in the 50's in Clairmore,Ok.
I have a picture of him and my late uncle who died in 1950.
I was looking through old pictures the other day when I came across this and thought about you. Wouldn't it truly be a small world if you were related to him !!!
Hope you have a Merry Christmas.

Mama Koch said...

I had a mirgraine this weekend too. Instead of the flash of light, I saw black dots. I tried to convince DH there were things flying around in church...but he knew I was also hurting!

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