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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

GOALS 2011 - January Update

How'd I do in January????

1.  52 NEW RECIPES - I have successfully tried 4 new recipes in January.  (Hoagies, Homemade Pizza, Sauerkraut/Pasta Dish, and Homemade Tortillas with Homemade Queso)  The husband has loved every dish....so they are keepers.

2.  CLEAN OUT THE OLD HOMESTEAD - Not a thing done to it.

3.  TEAR DOWN THE OLD GARAGE - DONE!!  I have a picture somewhere....it still hasn't been hauled off or burned, but will by summer.



6.  GET VW WINDSHIELD FIXED BY FEB. 1ST - NOPE!  We have had other expenses come up, so this has been put on hold since it isn't a safety issue yet.

7.  TAKE MORE PRIDE IN OUR VEHICLES - YES!  I spent the first Sunday sweeping and sweeping and sweeping out the VW...it took about 2 hours altogether to get the inside of the car cleaned out.  I am proud to say that it only takes less than 10 minutes to sweep it out each Sunday after church.  This was a HUGE light bulb moment for me.  Even if it doesn't LOOK dirty, CLEAN IT!  It will never get gross dirty if you do.  I washed the car once in the month...which is a great accomplishment...as I was lucky to wash it 3 -4 times a YEAR.  Don't judge me!  We live on dirt roads and it is depressing when you wash and by the time you get home, it is covered in dirt.

8.  ORGANIZE THE CURRENT GARAGE - NOPE!  We are still hashing out the details of what we want and need in it.

9.  LEARN SOME NEW THINGS TO DO WITH THE BREAD RECIPE - YES!  I made homemade pizza crust and it is AWESOME!

10.  CONTINUE TO FLY WITH THE FLYLADY - YES!  I did deep clean all 5 zones in January.  I have some buddies who are also trying to focus on the zones and we have come up with a ZONEBUSTER game we play together.  Because I have become more passionate about the zones, I didn't stick too well with the weekly home blessing hour....but I did manage to keep the floor swept and the feather dusting done.

11.  FEED MY SPIRITUAL SOUL - YES!  I am continuing online "classes" through lifechurch.tv.  Our Sunday school class has really stepped up and decided to make a change and be a part of the solution.  I have really stepped up my prayer life as well and am seeing a big bonus in that area.

12.  READ A BOOK A MONTH - EH!  I have a book I need to finish.....fiction is my downfall....seriously, I can start a great fiction book and put it down and not pick it up again!  I am currently snowed in...so, maybe I will finish it.  It is called "A Vintage Affair".  It is realllly good.....I have no idea why I can't sit still and read it.

13.  DRINK 8 GLASSES OF WATER A DAY - YES!  I have had very few days where I didn't get them all in.  Most days, it is more than 8.

14.  PLANT A GARDEN - NOPE!  It isn't time yet...hee hee.

15.  GET CHIMNEY CLEANED - DONE!  We were having problems with back puffing into the house, so we went ahead and had it cleaned in January.  It was NASTY!

16.  FIND A NEW COUCH - NOPE!  I have been looking.

17.  WEIGHT LOSS - YES!  I lost 5 lbs.

18.  BLOG UPDATES ON THE FIRST OF EACH MONTH - DONE!  You are reading this on Feb. 1st.

So far, I am doing pretty good on the goals.  I need to figure out how to list the recipes so they are easy to find.....I know there is a way, just have to figure it out.  I encourage you to try the recipe thing.....it has really helped get us out of a slump of having the samo samo stuff.

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