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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Can you spot JoJo in the snow?
Can you see the little black specks behind him?
Those are Canadian Geese.
 No, we do NOT live in Canada.
Yes, we have some beautiful land that
the geese seem to think is a great hotel to
stop off at on their annual treks north and south.
 Uh Oh!  The poodle sees some movement.
If dogs can have ADHD, this one has it.
 I call him.
He looks.
I swear he stuck out his tongue!
 Here is how deep this stuff is...just to give you some
perspective of the trouble that dog
is about to get himself into....
Wave at my manly man who takes care of the
outside chores!
 There he goes....
dumb dog.
 Also, I am using the SUPER ZOOM lens....
"Things in picture appear much closer than
they really are."
 Even dumber dog.
 Where did he go?
 At this point, I thought he'd freeze to death....
I was preparing myself for the mourning
 Bye-Bye JoJo.
 See?  We got some serious snow!!!
Oh and just in case you have an in ground
redneck fire pit like we do,
you might want to mark it with one of those
bicycle flags....
or you might accidentally find it while
walking through the yard and end
up with snow clear up to your waist.
Don't ask me how I know this.....
So, while JoJo was a million miles away
chasing the geese, I turned around and
look what was right behind our house.
A mallard!!!
Dumb dumb dog.

In case you were wondering.....JoJo DID make it back...
he had giant snowballs attached to his fur......
but he was and is alive.  No dogs, geese, or ducks
were harmed in the making of this blog post.
I promise.

1 comment:

Farmchick said...

You are funny---so did you fall into the pit? I am assuming that you did. Come say hi!!

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