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Friday, January 15, 2010

Homeschool Field Trip to Air & Space Museum

This will be one in a series of posts since it takes so long to upload pictures to this blog.
We joined a new homeschool group this year.
So far, I think it has been a blessing. I love the organization of the group.
They are also very mission-minded.
This week we toured the Air & Space Museum.
Below are pictures of one of the many science experiments conducted in the classroom to relate weather.
First, there were volunteers.

Then, each once was given a task to complete.
Can you see the hard boiled egg beside the jar?
The task was to get the egg INSIDE the jar w/out messing up the egg.
The egg did NOT just fall into the jar because the opening was too small.

So, they lit a piece of paper and using tongs placed it into the bottom of the jar.

The egg is quickly put on top of the jar. (See, it fits like a cork)
Finally, the egg "seems" like it is sucked into the jar with a LOUD plopping noise...very similar to a cork popping.

The next task is to get the get BACK out of the jar w/out crushing the egg.
There were several suggestions....

Finally, Mr. Pilot stepped in and saved the day and very quickly got the egg out of the jar.
I am not going to share details of the experiment because that would spoil all the fun for you if you want to do this experiment and know the WHYS and HOWS of it.
I encourage you to look up the experiment and try it if you haven't already done it.


Kahri said...

okay, so I looked up the info and got it here: http://camillasenior.homestead.com/files/egg_in_a_bottle.pdf However, I am confused about the getting it out part! Can you clarify??

Territory Mom said...

This is so cool. Could you tell me more about this group. We havent' joined any, but I feel like we should. Thanks!!!

Want to

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