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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Joy in a Time of Sorrow....

Meet little Miss Emi.

Emi was born the week of Thanksgiving.

The Lord put Emi into this family's life at just the right moment.

Right before the holidays.
This allowed the family to focus on the joys of baby smiles, baby smells, and baby cuddling.

Babies have a way of turning sorrow into joy.
Babies have a way of carrying on legacy within a family.

Meet Emi.

Emi came to help this grieving family overcome the loss of dear sweet Justin, who in September, at the age of 26, was killed in a tragic accident. Emi knows that she will never replace her Uncle Justin.
She will however, help them remember her Uncle Justin.
Emi will certainly have some of the same qualities her Uncle Justin had while he walked this earth.
Tina, Randy, Amber and the rest of the family....may you see God working in this darkness and know that you have a new light.
We love you!!


Anonymous said...

beautiful traci.

My Big Mouth said...

Babies always bring a joy in any situation.
They are Gods way of cheering us!

Farmchick said...

Very sweet.........so sorry for the loss of Justin.

Stop over...I have not seen you lately!

Julie said...

Traci, you did a great job. Babies come even when they're not planned but somehow God knows when they are needed. Eli has been a blessing for me and so many others. I know Emi will be too.

Grace said...

What an adorable blessing!I alway's heard for every good life lost another is born.

tina said...

thanks Traci, when we found out Emi was on her way, we couldn't figure out why this was happening at this time - God knows what we need before we do.

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