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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Vintage Tulsa Show...Look at the Goodies!!!

I know, you think he looks like Santa, right?
Well, he IS Santa!
He is THE Santa in the Dallas Christmas Parade!
He sold my sister a ring only because he checked his list twice....
This was supposed to be a picture of a really cute hat...
When I went back to take a picture and possibly buy the hat...
IT WAS GONE.... :'(

Love, Love, LOVE this couch!!
$245.00....oh wish I had the money!

Giant Beverly Hillbillies toy....look at the lunchboxes to compare the size.

Can you guess who these are?

I really wanted this dress too....instead I bought a strapless wedding dress for Sydni to take some more pics in.....oh to sacrifice for my children....

Yep, thought this looked smashing with my rootin' tootin' boots!!!
I'm afraid to think of what the guy behind me was thinking....

Oh! Did you say you wanted to see my boots?

Look at the stuff in this booth!!!

Yah! So the dog didn't like me very much....

I could make some fancy shmancy malts with one of these things...

Terri found a quilt...really, I was trying to get a picture of the TABLE...oh that glorious table....Terri just happened to get in the way....

I am a fan of vintage fans THAT WORK!!!
I have an awesome yellow one that I got at this show!

I really think this lady had some of the best prices at her booth.
Some of the booths were way out of my league, but overall, they were
really reasonable.

Yep, can you see my drool stains on that pew?
I think that baby picture of Northern Toilet Paper babies would
look awesome over a crib!

Thanks for stopping by to see the Tulsa Vintage Show tour....
They have a Facebook page if you want to know more about it.

1 comment:

Dana and Daisy said...

demon dog, ha ha! Hey I had a church pew EXACTLY like that about 20 years ago and it was oak. I bet whoever I sold it to painted it blue, don't you?

hey! church pew! MaYBE That's what I neED in mY HalLwaY!

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