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Monday, April 25, 2011

Do You Shop at Aldi?

Several years ago, I was driving by some construction and noticed
a semi-truck with some advertising on it.
It said, "Save 50% or Better on Groceries"
To be honest, I thought the building looked a lot like
a pharmacy.  I didn't recognize the name Aldi.
When it finally opened, I decided to just go check it out.
I went to grab a shopping cart that was in a little area outside by the door.
I pulled....and found out they were chained.
I figured they must keep the carts we are to use inside.
I went inside.  No carts.
Finally, I walked back outside and watched a person slip a quarter into the little box
on the cart.  The chain unhooked from the cart.
AHA!!!  You had to PAY for a cart!  How dumb is that I thought....they might
save you some money on groceries, but they were going to get it back by charging
to use a cart!
Long story short....you DO get your quarter back when you return your cart!
Isn't that ingenious?  No more stray carts all over the parking lot.
You also need your own sacks or you will have to buy their sacks.
You also will have to SACK your own groceries....they WILL not sack them for you.
I have been known to throw my sack in the cart and ask that they throw everything
in the sack...it was a free standing sack.  They DID do that for me...when it was only
ONE sack.

Aldi's is a great place to load up on your staples.
I go to Aldi's FIRST and then fill in at other stores if needed.
I tried the coupon thing.....I was a failure....didn't have the time to
devote to it.
Aldi's was the next best thing.
I am going to show you what I got this week and let you comparison shop.
Now mind you, this is a weird week for shopping...with me buying some extra stuff
for the Easter holiday.
I also make a lot of stuff homemade, so don't buy too many pre-made items.

Black beans @ .55 x 2
Condensed Tom. Soup @ .49 x 4
Coffee Creamer @ $1.49
Refried Beans @ .69 x 2
German Coffee @ 4.99 x 2 (this is $1 higher than I normally get)
Deli Sliced Cheese @ $2.19 x 2
Elbow Macaroni @ $1.49
Powdered Sugar @ $1.49 x 2
32 oz. Ketchup @ 1.19 x 2
Cocoa Rice Cereal @ $1.59
Real Choc. Chips @ $1.79
Pecans @ $3.49
Sugar, 5 lbs. @ $2.68 x 2
Beef Hot Dogs @ $2.29 x 2
Multi-Colored Peppers @ $3.29
Old Fashioned Oats @ $1.99
Boneless Chick. Breasts @ $5.49
Sour Cream & Onion Potato Chips @ $1.39 x 2
Butter Quarters @ $2.29 x 2
Sour Cream @ .99 x 2
Oregano @ .99
Margarine @ .99
Confetti Cake Mix @ .95 x 2
Spring Frosting @ $1.19 x 2
Cream Cheese @ $1.29 x 2
8 oz. Cheddar Cheese Chunk @ $1.89 x 2

Subtotal = $77.97
Tax @ 8.5170% = $6.64
TOTAL - $84.61

If you are afraid of generic brands, I encourage you to try Aldi's brands.  The sour cream and onion potato chips taste just like the name brand LAY's chips.  The CHEESE is out of this world awesome. 
Normally, when I shop I spend an average of $75 for a week's worth of groceries.  I do not have to buy beef as we butcher our own.  Before the economy went south, I was able to shop for our family of 5 for about $50/week.  Now, for 3 of us and then some...we do the $75/week sometimes longer.


carolina nana said...

I love the Aldi store inour town I shop there every week.
The only thing I've found I don't like is their mayonaise.
Blessings to you.

Kay said...

This post was SO interesting, Traci! I had to laugh at the cart story because I'll bet I'd have done the same thing if my friend hadn't told me beforehand. :) I've gone to Aldi's once. Not sure why I never did again. I liked it fine and I got some good deals. Maybe I didn't because I'm a one-stop kind of girl, so Meijer is my main place to shop. I tried couponing too. And well, let's just say I don't do it anymore. ;)

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