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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Can't Explain It......

When I take pictures....I get emotional.
I just do.
It doesn't happen while I am taking them...
It happens the moment I pop them up on the computer.
I don't get a thrill when I take pictures of animals.
I don't get all gushy when I take a picture of
a beautiful sunset.

I get emotional when I take pictures of

My love for it started in 2008 when I took my oldest daughter, Carly, out
to shoot some pictures for her senior portraits.
It was my first use of a Nikon digital camera.
I was hooked.
Each time I pick up the camera, I get a surge through my body for
which I can't explain.
I have ideas in my head and the camera helps me get the ideas out.....

Only my love for my heavenly Father and my family
can compare.

I pray I never run out of this emotion.
I want to continue to bless others with what the
good Lord has blessed me with in this lifetime.

Thank you!
(P.S. This is my nephew and his beautiful family)

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