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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Got Problems?

Do you ever feel like you are minding your own business;
heading in the direction you feel is right.
It isn't until then, that you look up and
BAM, it is right on top of you!

Sometimes life just feels out of control.
Sometimes everything seems too big to handle.
Sometimes we don't realize just how bad it really is for us.
....until we look UP!
What do we do then?
We start running for our lives.
We forget everything and everyone around us.

Sometimes it looks like we are getting ahead of the
It looks like we are making progress.
But the problems keep barreling upon us.

The problem is....most times, when life gets like this we
think that doing a 180 degree turn will get us out of this dilemma.
When in reality, all we had to do was jump to the SIDE, take
 a breath, turn to our Heavenly Father, and watch the
"train" go on by us.
God works like that.
Notice that I said it will GO BY, He doesn't promise
that He will REMOVE it from your life.  It still has to pass.
If you keep focus, he can help you see the correct path you will
need to get you where HE wants you to go.
We don't want to spend our time, running in the wrong
direction from things that are so much bigger than we
will ever be.
Be Still and Know that I am God! -Psalm 46:10
(P.S. No XS GROUP girls were injured in the making
of this life lesson.  The train was just setting on
the track and we thought it was a great photo op.)


Stephanie said...

This is just wonderful!

Julie said...

Love it.

nanny155 said...

Wish I could have had access to that train whistle behind them..:0

Want to

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