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Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Very First Layered Cake!

I am not a cake baker.
When I bake a cake, it will be reallllly thin...not fluffy and has hard edges.
So, while on my weekly grocery shopping trip to Aldi's, I noticed
a cake mix for a spring confetti-type cake.
I decided at that moment, I CAN DO THIS.
I wanted to try a layered cake....
I bought to boxes for this cake.
I bought the special little round cake pans...at $4.00 EACH...ouch.

I mixed up both boxes...fully picturing that ONE box would make ONE round pan
and the other box would fill the OTHER round pan.
Yah, you see where this is going don't you.....
I have no idea what I was thinking.....
I only had TWO round pans.....and too much cake mix.
Not once did it cross my mind to make CUPCAKES....nope, not once.
What did I do?
I grabbed a glass pie pan.
I made a THIRD layer.

(Picure is sister, Terri, getting the first piece of cake)
It worked!!!
Cake was so fluffy and tall that the cake pan lid STUCK to the top of the cake!
I worried because I made it late in the evening and was very tired.
I pondered how I would frost the cake, because even I KNOW that
you don't frost a warm cake.
My friends in FLYLADY CHAT helped me....
I decided to leave them covered with a towel on a cooling rack overnight.
I put the layered cake together in the a.m.
This cake flavor really resembled a wedding cake flavor.
I used too much frosting....but some people like that much frosting.
I, however, will not use that much next time.
See the post below this post to see the price of the cake mix.


Kim said...

The cake was yummy, thanks for sharing it =)

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