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Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm Off to Church Camp this Week....

(If you like this picture, you can order it personalized, just click the picture and you will be taken to their website)

Please try not to go through WITHDRAWALS while I'm away this week. I'll return with wonderful pictures of teenagers doing silly things. I LOVE this camp! I would go even if I didn't have a child going. It is more like a retreat for me...even though I actually had to eat KIBBLES n BITS one year.....all for the sake of not letting down my group. Ick, I swore after that I would only feed my dog HUMAN food. Unfortunately, she pukes when she eats human food....how weird is that.....I PUKE when I eat DOG food. Hmmmmm, we were destined to be together! Oh, by the way, this is my 93rd posting. So, maybe you can get some WORK done while I'm away....since you won't be constantly checking to see if I updated....ba haaaaaa. I know, I know, it is going to be hard, but YOU CAN DO IT SPARKY.

Seriously, I hope you have a great week and keep the kiddos and me in your prayers.....we want to experience God's full glory while at camp.


Liisa said...

Kibbles and Bits??? EEWWWW! That stuff even smells awful!

Have a great time at camp Traci!


MyBigMouth said...

You are too funny!
Hope you have/had a good time at camp!

Want to

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