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Sunday, January 25, 2009

How Much Wheat Can ONE Cow Eat?

We've had a regular guest in our field behind the house for quite
a bit now.
She belongs down the street...beyond that house in the background.
For some reason, she thinks the grass, er, uh...wheat is greener
over here.
Well, as you can see THERE IS NO GREEN....

Some days, she'll be there, some days....she is NOT there.

Yes, I know it looks like she is about to charge me...
actually, I'm really far away from her.....my camera is just
THAT good.....it just LOOKS like I'm within charging

Once she discovered me, she decided eating was
not the ideal thing to be doing.

What is THAT?
Um, little miss cow who doesn't belong in our field....
that would be YOUR SHADOW!!!

....and no matter how fast your chase it,
you will NEVER catch it.

Although you look like you might just get it.....

Why don't you just chase it right back to your pasture or pen......

(That barn in the background is her "home")
Bye bye miss cow who doesn't belong in our field....
I don't blame you one bit for breaking free....

I would protest too if someone put a chain in my nose!!!
Just call it cow bling!
(Please don't send me hate comments, this is NOT our cow and we
can't catch her)
The weird white mark on the bottom of the last picture is my
"teach myself how to use the PAINT program and
still can't figure out how to UNDO"


Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

I love cows. I'll bet she comes to your side because it's friendlier :0). I can't imagine why anyone would put a chain through a cow nose. That's not the norm is it? I'm a city girl and know nothing about cows or how to "keep" them, so these are actually genuine questions. I don't know If I'd survive the country, I woouldn't even dream of chaining my dog.
HOw are you all doing? Hope all is well. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

wheat ????

My Big Mouth said...

first a dog on your porch swing and now a cow in your backyaed.Your home must be VERY inviting.
I'm not sure whats going on with my link to your blog lately,I keep updated by my blogroll but yours is the only one that wont update the last 3 weeks.I tried deleting and readding, but no luck there either.So I may try taking it off, after work,for a few days and readding it later and see what that does.
So if you happen to peek in one day and your name isnt there dont take offence,lol.

Kim said...

Yea! I thought you might have just been "busy", but I was beginning to worry about you. Glad to know it was just a technical blip. Hope all is well and movin' on!


Farmchick said...

That's too funny....

Glad you wrote that about the hate mail....because the first thing I thought of was that someone is going to send you a nasty comment!

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