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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sneak Peek at Barn Wedding

I got to take wedding pictures for the sister of a dear friend.

It was an old fashioned barn wedding.

Yes, it was very cold.

I also had to take pics while scaling a fence

and having the family HORSE chewing on my leg!!

It was a very lovely wedding and a beautiful couple!!!

Please remember, I am NOT a professional....I don't

claim to be one....I just like taking pictures.

January 24, 2009


Kim said...

I love the pictures, I can't wait to see the rest. Thanks for doing this for her.
Your are the dear friend.
Love ya,

Misty said...

You take beautiful photos! What a great-looking couple, too! May they have many wonderful years ahead...

Chas said...

Beautiful pictures. Although you say you're not a professional, they were better than any taken at my wedding.

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Those pics came out pretty good there! I especially like the one of the bride and the (is it a field?) background. Good for them and lots of happiness to the happy couple

Maria said...

What a beautiful wedding idea. The pictures were great!! I hope she enjoyed them as much. Thanks for sharing them!!

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