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Thursday, July 29, 2010

15 Minutes (Day 2) Office/Studio

This is one small section of the room...I am working my way around the room.
This post is a day late because just as I finished with cleaning, I got a banger of a migraine! I even had to go to the hospital and spend the whole next day nursing my "bruised" brain. So, now I can show you the pictures......

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I was just getting ready to start the top shelf when the timer buzzed....I was very tempted to keep working, but didn't...which worked out because I got the migraine.
Look! You can see the floor!!!
Just a reminder: I am completely clearing out the room....I am not sorting yet, I will sort before it goes back into the room.
Have you started a mission yet?
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carolina nana said...

Bless your heart with the migraine,I have those and have landed in the hospital numerous times for some strong drugs. When I take on big projects they usually lead to other big projects such as where to put the things I take from the place I'm cleaning.So I have to pick my cleaning project time carefully.
Blessings to you,glad you're over your headache.

Catch A Falling Star said...

Wow,nice job so far!
Stick with it!!
Oh let me say,if anyone can...I can totally relate with those migraines.4 years,once a month 5-3 days long...non stop...blah!!
Even after the surgery,I still have them.I was gutted/sad.
Thankfully I have meds that actually work but I have to take so many :(
Sorry you had to go to the hospital.

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