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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My 15 Minute Studio/Office (Don't look if you can't handle MESSY)

Seriously...turn your eyes if you can't handle a true mess!
I am just keeping it real here....I've had this burden for 3 years now...what do I want to do to our office/studio?
So, instead of planning it out, I just kept piling more stuff in it....
Oh the shame.....
Look! You can barely see the floor!
I am what is referred to as a piler and not a filer.
When I do file, I forget what heading I filed it under.
(Yes! That is A Christmas Story Leg Lamp!)
This is the "desk".
I have been on the lookout for a vintage wooden door to make into a desk....
well, that never happened for the price I wanted.
Instead, I got a vintage formica table that will look amazing as a desk...
I can't even get it into the room...ha. Thus, time to do some serious

I am a faithful follower of THE FLYLADY.
She says we can do anything in 15 minute slots.
I love my FLYLADY timer and use it often...but completely
ignored it when it came to this room.
I can IGNORE no longer.....

I must do something NOW!
I will try to do daily posts on the progress of this room.
I am going to completely empty it 15 minutes at a time.
I am going to also paint it...the tan walls just aren't going with my "vision"
for this room......
Do you have a junk "drawer"?
Do you want to join me?


Anonymous said...

I love my junk drawer, but it a drawer! lol Can't wait to see the finished product. Hope to get inspired myself.

Fannie said...

Tracy my whole house is presently the junk drawer and we are in the process of cleaning it out and packing it up. I should post before and after photos, but it's too embarrassing!

Good luck. I know it'll look great!



Territory Mom said...

Okay, I'll join you, but I'm afraid to take pictures. My junk room is my laundry room. I throw everything in there right before company shows up. Its a mess. I like that cool hair dryer.

Catch A Falling Star said...

The garage we had before we moved was all mine and it looked like that. When the kids would say..."mom,I don't want this anymore,what can I do with it?" I'd say,"put it in the garage." It was my crafting keeping mess!
I threw alot out when we moved.
So thankfully I don't have one of those pile up places anymore.
Hopefully it will stay that way.
Good luck on yours.
Can't wait to see the transformations!

Anonymous said...

Okay - so I was prepared (from your fb post) to see a room that belonged on "Hoarders". You'll be able to do this pretty easily - you won't even need a scoop shovel! Not nearly as grim/therapy inducing as I expected - lol. Rooms can get crazy if it is the one that always has the door shut and isn't one that you live in.......I have no doubt you will whip it in shape and have it looking just like your vision of a vintage office.


Farmchick said...

LOL--okay...that is a LITTLE messy!! That's okay....I still love ya!! Hope you can stop by and visit me soon. Have a great day!! :)

Nancy said...

Funny! I just talked about the FlyLady in one of my posts. I too am I FlyLady follower. I don't have a timer, but I do use my cellphone alarm clock. Call me stingy, but why get something new when what you have already works? I approve of your office clean up tactic! Maybe this will inspire me to tackle our office.

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