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Friday, July 16, 2010

Do They Ever REALLY Grow Up?

I think NOT!

Yep, every year for the past several years, this middle child of mine has had to celebrate her birthday along with 200 other children because her
birthday falls during Vacation Bible School week.
She has never let it bother her...and if it did bother her, she never let it show.

This year is different....

This year, she is all alone.....

This year, she will become a legal adult.....all alone.

This year, she will celebrate at work because she is an independent gal and is working to pay for her college.

This year, she won't even be close enough to get a birthday hug and kiss....

This year, her mom will miss her terribly and will stay awake until midnight just so she can be the first to send her a birthday text.

This year is bitter sweet....my once shy child is now all mature acting....

Well, at least that is what I HEAR from OTHER people.....

I love you Squidnee...thanks for giving of yourself all these years for the glory of God! I know you prefer twisted balloon animals instead of jewels in your crown....so, HERE YOU GO!! ;)


The Working Home Keeper said...

Awwww...Happy Birthday to your daughter!

Mary Ellen

GoodPlans said...

Happy Birthday to the dear daughter, and hugs to the dear mother. I've had to endure several of my oldest daughter's birthday's without her, including her 21. It was a very sad time for me, but your situation is different. You have a great relationship with Sydni. I'm so glad you can celebrate these moments with her!

Catch A Falling Star said...

Happy B-day Sydni!
My oldest turned 18 in March. No one told me how much that would make me cry and then a short 2 months later she graduated high school...more tears!
Doesn't just seem like you turn your back for a second and suddenly they are adults?

Want to

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