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Friday, July 30, 2010

15 Minutes (Day 3) Studio/Office FLYLADY TIMER

Well, 2 days of 15 minutes has completely cleared one wall except the shelving...which will be the last to go.
Have you tried the Flylady Timer yet?
Why not? Seriously, just get a timer and do it....I won't tell if you don't have the official Flylady Timer.
I only have one because she came to Tulsa and I was all giddy and all...seriously, any ole timer will do! Although I must tell you that this one VIBRATES if you want to wear it and not HEAR it. I do like that feature.

TA DAH!!! An entire wall completed in 30 minutes.....how many of you were thinking that it would take me days to clear out that mess???
I see my mother's hand waving out there...oh yes I do!!
I know I did!! That is why I put it off so long!

Yep, more of the floor....aaaahhhh, isn't that nice?

I am trucking along....I will only do this during the work week...I have to rest on the weekend....it is FAMILY TIME don't you know!


Farmchick said...

well good for you....yes you are surely making progress!! :) Oh yeah...come say hi! ;)

Lindy said...

I plan to use the 15 minute trick this weekend. My kitchen, sewing room and dining room have been posessed by the clutter monster. Time to reclaim my territory!
I hope to see as much floor as you have uncovered. Congrats!

Lori said...

Good for you!

Is that a Donna Parker book I spy on your shelf???

Want to

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