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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Camera Strap for My Nikon D90

I found this cute little tutorial on Pinterest.
(CLICK HERE) for the tutorial.
It was really easy, I made it in a little under an hour.
I did it in the usual FLYLADY WAY:  15 minutes sewing, 15 minutes cleaning.

Here are some hints I would use the next time I make one.

1.  Make a pattern first.  I do NOT sew, so I do not have the fancy cutting boards, etc.  Plus, it will make the next strap so much easier.
2.  Use FUSIBLE batting.  I did not.  Mine rolled a little.  I might even sew top stitching the length of the strap to give it that quilted look.
3.  The pocket was too small for my lens.  :(  I guess I would have to measure my lens to make sure I made the strap a little wider for the lens pocket.
4.  Use contrasting fabric for the pocket.  I did NOT do this and think it
would look so much cuter.
5.  Use "attaching a camera strap the Nikon way" video on YouTube so you
don't have little strap flaps.  It really makes me look like I know what I am doing.

Thank you Little Big Girl Studio for the great tutorial!!!!
Total Project Cost = $2.00


Angie Berry said...

Very cute and love the cost!

Do you have a Pinterest? I am addicted to that crazy thing!! I pinned last night till I just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer then this morning when my alarm went off, I was in the middle of pinning something neat in my sleep! Pinterest addict? I do believe so, haha!

M u s s said...

Thanks so much for sharing your tips!

Want to

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