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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Shot a Preacher and His Family at a Church!

Believe it or not, Jesus still loves me!!!
Meet the Davis family.
They like to have family pictures made to remember
their appointed churches.
I was very excited to get the honor to "shoot" them.

I didn't expect that I would end up so nervous, I couldn't relax.
I also didn't think the coloring of the church would play
games with me.

These two pictures are rare for the Davis family.
They very rarely get to all sit in a pew together as a family.
Why?  Well, DUH, he is a PREACHER.
Also, she is a very talented musician and is
often in the worship band.

So, anyhow...this is normally a WILLLD AND CRAZY family!
Taking serious pictures, was hard for me.
I promise, I will get them away from the church to
have a great time getting their real personalities.

Did you just GASP?  I have a picture of the PREACHER
kissing his WIFE in front of the CHURCH!!!
Poor preachers....sort of like teachers....people don't
want to believe they are NORMAL.
I also have a picture of them KISSING INSIDE the church!
It didn't turn out though....boo hoo!!!
It would have been an great pictures.

This is my new creation!!!
I woke up in the middle of the night with this idea.
I put out the plea for a family to try it.
The family I chose, never got with me.
I decided to do it with the Davis family.
Just imagine the possibilities with this.....Grandkids spelling
out GRANDKIDS.  Oh my mind is going 100mph about
the possibilites.
Thanks Davis family for letting me shoot you at the church.
I promise I won't be as nervous next time...if there is a next time... :)

1 comment:

Angie Berry said...

Sweet pictures! I really enjoyed looking at something different... with the church background, neat pics!

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