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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Does Your Cell Phone Fall to the Bottom of Your Purse?

First I have to apologize for the poor picture
A certain youngest daughter borrowed my point and click
camera and left it at her grandparents' home.

Ok, now on to the important business.
I have a Blackberry Torch.
My very first "smart" phone.
I was so scared I would break the face of it, I
bought an Otterbox.
I broke the Otterbox.
I have not replaced the Otterbox.
Otterbox needs to make a better one or lower
the price.
The Blackeberry Torch has a terrible fallacy.
The lock key on it is very very easily unlocked.
Just trying to push it into a pocket will unlock it.
I do NOT like this at all.
I am sure people do NOT like
getting butt dialed by me.
I know I don't want to risk the data charges should
I accidentally hit the touch screen while
unlocked in my pocket.
I had to come up with a way of keeping track of it in my purse
and also tyring to keep it from getting unlocked in my
bottomless canyon purse.
Quite some time ago, I started clipping my keys
to the straps on my purse.
This kept me from digging and pulling everything out
in a panic even when I KNEW they were in my purse.
You know, that split second thought...."UH OH".
I know it is nerdy, but it works for me.
I use a rock climber thing-a-ma-jig.
So, if I can easily find my keys, why can't I find my cell phone?

I decided to give a cell phone pouch a try.
I can just make it like a key chain and hook
it to my keys.
I didn't want to go get specific material for this
project....I didn't even know if it would turn out.
I had found an old pair of capri's at our LOVE CLOSET.
No one wanted them, so I decided to re-purpose them.

I started by  searching YouTube for any tutorials.
I couldn't get the right key words or there aren't any out there
specifically for this product.
I improvised.
I watched a POUCH tutorial.
I had to make a few adjustments, like adding the little
hanger strap, but it was pretty easy.

I had to use interfacing again.....I had to read
the directions on which side to iron AGAIN...thank
goodness I saved them...or I am sure I would have to YouTube
the instructions...LOL.

After about 1 hour and 45 minutes, I had my
pouch finished.  I tried to take a picture of my
cute pouch holding the cell phone, but.....
like I said earlier....I didn't have my camera
and had to use my phone camera.

It is a little wider than I needed, but it works just fine.
I even added some little Velcro dots to
keep it closed.
I am thinking I could make these like the
with a zipper! 
I hope I've inspired you to try something new.


Mountain Belle said...

Great Idea!!! Looks great; can I out in my order now? :D

Farmchick said...

Great idea......and you still have not come over to say hi. Are you still having problems commenting on my page? If so....let me know by emailing me at farmchickskitchen@yahoo.com

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