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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Flea Market Finds

I had nothing better to do today than go "Flea Marketing". Ok, so I am stretching the truth....as I sit in the kitchen looking at the dirty dishes.

I love Pampered Chef stoneware and stumbled upon the round deep dish baker for......$6.00!! It was brand new! I also found some pretty floral pictures for my bedroom. Since moving into this house, I have very little on my walls.

I have an old yellow utility cart that my sister gave to me. I found a pink one today that would look awesome somewhere in my house for $17.50. I did not get it though....I am blogging about it so I will remember to go back and get it.

My daughter wants to get into the cake decorating business...at least at this very moment she does. It was her lucky day today. I found a wedding cake tier thingy...you put the cake on. It has columns and holds a big round cake and a little round cake. It was $3.00 at the thrift store. At a flea market, I found two heart shaped cake pans for $2.00 each.

The freakiest thing happened today also. I was commenting to a friend about the old pictures in flea markets, "Wouldn't it be weird to actually know someone in these pictures?" Well, guess what? I opened a drawer of an end table and it was full of pictures of my 9th grade science teacher. It was like her whole life pictures of just her. I don't think she ever married or had children. I'm not even sure she is still alive. The pictures spanned from baby to about when I had her as a teacher. This is the teacher that everyone would make fun of....she was just different. She collected rocks and cherished them. Kids would purposely drop them and break them when she would pass them around the room. It was really sad. Then here I am staring at her life in pictures. She was very beautiful as a young girl and woman. I believe something happened along the way. She was very elegant and then went to very plain Jane. Well, Ms. Stivers, wherever you are, I'm sorry if I ever did anything to make you think less of yourself and your abilities.

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