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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Go Roomba, Go Roomba, Go Roomba

OMG!! This is the niftiest tool. I have mostly wood floors and tile. This thing zips all over the house and picks up those dust bunnies. It even cleans under the bed!!! You can set a schedule for it to clean at the same time every day. If the docking station is easily accessed, it will go back and charge itself.....wow, it is so Jetson's.


Dennis & Summer Rains said...

Cool!! You have some cool stuff on your blog! I added you to my favs list so I can check it out often! See you later! (:

Mama Koch said...

Where did you get it? Will it pick up.....well..stuff off of boots....?
I have mostly wood and tile too and thought it might be nice to have for those bunnies too.

Want to

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