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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bible Study Thursday

Almost 6 years ago a friend and I started a women's Bible study at her house on the encouragement of our associate pastor, Yar. We started with Genesis 1:1 and now we are in Chronicles 7. I'm sure we'll either be raptured or dead by the time we get to Revelations. This Bible study has been such an amazing part of my spiritual growth.

You know how reading the Bible is sometimes well, er, uh, BORING? Well, reading it and having different perspectives can really help in that area. There are times when I get NOTHING and then one of the other ladies has a whole new spin on it. We also use the Life Application Bible with footnotes which gives us a focus for the week.
We don't do curriculum and I think that has been the success of our group. If a woman has to miss one or two Thursdays, she doesn't feel like she has missed the ENTIRE book. I can't tell you how many times people have dropped out of those kind of studies, me included, because they feel like they can't "catch-up". The way we are reading through the Bible is like watching a Soap Opera after missing 6 months, you can just pick up and are back with the program after ONE time.
I encourage you to spend daily TAG (Time Alone w/ God), but also to enjoy learning with others. My favorite TAG time is on my porch swing with the breeze blowing.....which reminds me that even when I can't SEE God, I can always FEEL Him. Just like radio waves.....they are around us all the time, we just have to tune in to HEAR them. I can tell when I've not spent time w/ God, I hear STATIC, I worry more, I get crabby, I procrastinate more.....and the list goes on.
May God bless you today and may you be TUNED IN!!

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