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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

I want to wish my wonder husband a super Father's Day!!!

We managed to pull off a surprise. Regan and I searched and searched for just the right gas grill.....with no luck. I despise buying stuff at Wal-Mart.....I feel like I didn't put in the effort for the gift. I know, what am I to expect in a small town? Well, anyhow I had to run in for something and decided, what the heck, I've got nothing to lose......and guess what? There was the one I liked in my price range and didn't feel like I had to worry whether it would be blown away in a storm or not.

I quickly paid for it and told them I would return the next day to pick it up since it wouldn't fit in my Volkswagon. So, now to figure out how to get hubby to drive the pick up to church....what with it being a diesel and the gas prices. As luck has it, it was stormy this a.m. and I used the good ol' "Let's take the truck in case it hails" routine. It worked like a charm! I secretly laid out some steaks before we left. Well, he decided he wanted to go out to eat after church so we drove to Muskogee.....and ate....now are you ready for this?......we ate at Golden Corral......sheesh, he's easy to please, what can I say?

After lunch, of course we had to make the proverbial stop at Wal-Mart...... ;) He went milling around and I had them pull the grill to the outside gate by the garden center. As we were driving off, I asked him to pull up by the patio furniture to see if "this set" was heavy enough for our patio which gets a lot of wind. We pull up and I'm pointing inside the fenced area.....where there is NO FURNITURE...and saying, "that set, do you see it, will it look good on our patio?"

He kept saying that he didn't see a set.....just a charcoal grill.....and that is when we let him in on the secret.......it was AWESOME!! Yeah, he thinks it will look good on our patio....lol.

Also, Carly and the rest of the family made it back safely from Hawaii!!! Yippee!! They had a wonderful time and now Carly is ready to go to work on a cruise ship.

I love you David, for the father that you are the husband that you've been and the friend that you continue to be......you are my knight in shining armor! I thank God daily for blessing me with you. Kiss Kiss!!!

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