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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Weight Loss

Ok, I've decided that maybe if I go public with my weight then maybe I'll be more motivated to lose it. I am disgusted with my weight gain and nothing seems to work for me right now. So, each wednesday, I'm going to weigh-in and post my loss or gain. Hopefully, I'll add pictures too. I'm not so much worried about what the scale says as I am about what size I am. I would love to see a size 10 again. I hope you will join me on my journey or at least support me.


Kaci said...

I am here for moral support!! Call me anytime you need me to be your accountability partner!!

Nanette said...

Do you have a specific plan of action? I'd like to hear it.....I need some motivation to move more. I have decided that changing the eating and the moving habits - both - at the same time, just isn't going to happen at my house. Maybe I should just work on one and then try to add the other........got any sage advice?

Want to

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