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Friday, October 31, 2008

4 Cans of Spray Paint and Sandpaper

That is what it took to complete this makeover of a highboy dresser.

It is a hand me down from family.

I don't know what the original color was.....NANETTE? (Yes, this is what Mel used to have)

When we got it, it was white with baby blue drawers.

At one point, I started painting the drawers GOLD....don't ask me why.....

When we moved into the new house, they didn't need drawers because their closets are HUGE......that way the stuff can be HIDDEN behind a door!

So, none of them wanted this beauty.

So, as you recall, I'm on this black spray paint kick and this is what I did......for some reason, and I'm sure it was the wind that day......it made the paint not look even.

So, to remedy that problem, I SANDED it......AGED it.....yep, my mother and mother-in-law are probably GAGGING right now!

Now, all it needs are some really rustic drawer pulls....that will have to wait until I find just the right ones with just the right price!


fly baby in OKC said...

How FUNNY! I know a Nannette who has a daughter named Mel(ody :o)...are they family of yours? :o) Anyway, hope all is well. Thanks for stopping by earlier - I sure do enjoy hearing from ya! Be well and blessed and TTYL!

This simple Life said...

My two favorite power tools, black spray paint and sandpaper!
Never leave home without them.Looks great.

Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog, I have been slacking lately. I visit everyone but I don't always take the time to comment. These days I feel like I have been burning my candle at both ends.
And would you believe the kids would not drink my bug juice? No matter how many times I told them it was just sprite they refused to touch it and drank water instead.

Kim said...

love it !

Anonymous said...

Okay - when I was small it was white with green trim because it was Kelly's and her room was green and white. Since she was gone/married when I was in 5th grade, I inherited it and put the blue trim on.....because my room was blue and white.

Mel's room was always earth tones, cowboy stuff and OSU - nothing this girlie for him!

Great use of the highboy!


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