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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Altered Clipboard/Recipe Holder FOR SALE

$15.00 + $3.95 shipping
I'm trying this to see how I do selling on my blog. I currently do NOT accept paypal, but I am working on it. Payment needs to be received via snail mail. Once received, I will send you this lovely recipe card holder.
It is a standard clipboard painted black with pink, green, and orange embellishments. The little cupcakes are 3D, not flat.
Please leave a comment if you have any questions, If you would like to purchase it, please leave your email so I can contact you with the information.
Thank you so much for looking!!!


fly baby in OKC said...

Too CUTE! I love it - but I don't need one right now...I would need counterspace first! :o)

Hope you do well!

Anonymous said...

Tracy - that is adorable. Have you looked at Etsy.com?

I would like one that I could hang on my cabinet somehow. I have an overhead one above the bar - the end would be perfect for a recipe clip!

Do not make one in jeweltone colors and black. Certainly not with roosters. But if you do, mention it to Santa Kaci. :)

My Big Mouth said...

Very cute Traci!
I was also going to mention Etsy.com,but I seen Momunscripted already had...lol.

Anonymous said...

Okay - I have been out of town/contact with the internet and am all behind on your blog.........I love this recipe holder - hellooooo - my kitchen it PINK. So - can you make it hang?? I have NO counter space to put it on a stand - if I did - there would be no place to cook or bake.

You might mention it to my Santa - aka Aunt Linda - that I told you I REALLY wanted one - especially wtih pink.


kenziekylanmom said...

Oh, that's so adorable! Great job.

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