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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What Can a State Fair Corn Dog Cure?

It can cure the I've been eating ice chips for 2 days blues.....yep, this is my mother and she was allowed to resume "regular" food....and guess what she wanted? You got it, a state fair corn dog. I even got it to her before it was COLD. The nice man at the corn dog stand even gave me TWO of them when he heard that this was what she was requesting.
I was worried that she wouldn't be able to eat it, but she scarfed it down and IT STAYED DOWN...wooohoooo.
Here is the latest update on her condition:
Yes, it turned out to be stage II colon cancer. Yes, we are sure we caught it early. She will probably have to do some type of chemo since the stuff did get through the wall of the colon....it did NOT get to the lymph nodes or other organs. PRAISE GOD!!!
She is going to try to qualify for a cancer study through MD Anderson. She has to completely heal from the surgery before they can do any kind of treatment...which will be about 3 weeks. Hopefully, she will be out of the hospital tomorrow. Please keep her in your prayers.


Anonymous said...

Prayers for your mom Traci.

Farmchick said...

That's funny.....a corndog from the State Fair!!!! I am so happy that they caught the cancer early. I will say a prayer for your Mom and your family for continued strength and healing through this time. Have a great day!

fly baby in OKC said...

My prayers are with your mother and your family - I LOVE that her spirits are soaring! :o) Keep the faith and let us know as she is healed! :o)

Chas said...

My prayers are with your Mom and Family. I'm very glad it was caught early.

And for the record, I would probably request a state fair corndog too. They're super yummy.

Dennis & Summer Rains said...

Whoa! I missed so much in a week! Glad to hear she is in good spirits and they caught it quickly, we'll be praying for her and you all. By the way, love the crafts and fair pics! And, you are one scary Halloweenish woman! (evil laugh here- followed by a girly giggle)

Lori said...

I'm so glad they caught your mom's colon cancer early. My mom had it in 83. They have come so far with treatment options now, I'm sure she will be a success story. My prayers are wtih her and your family.

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