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Monday, November 16, 2009

Parade of Aprons and A Donna McIntosh Original

This is Donna, she makes incredible things.
You might remember her from the Primitive House Tour I did.
Here she is holding what I managed to outbid people for at
our annual UMW Spaghetti Dinner.
I love the vintage-iness of the wreath.
Look, it even has a Little Golden Book of
Goldilocks and the Three Bears!
Do you see the THREE BEARS?
Here is another creation....sorry for the terrible pics, I didn't
have much time and didn't have anyone to hold up the wreath.

Now, on to the parade of aprons.
In September, I taught an apron making class.
Should I mention that I've never even made an apron before?
Well, guess what? I still managed to have people make some great aprons.
Not to mention, I had several sewers in the class that were a true blessing!
Below is Regan...no, she didn't make the apron...no, she wasn't in the class...
I just thought she looked so cute in the apron.

This is Christy. She DID make this apron in the class.
It is made from two tea towels.
Christy DOES sew.

This is Leah and Deb.
Leah cheated and bought an apron that someone from the church made....
someone that didn't come to our apron class...I think
whoever made it, needs to teach the class next time.
Deb is wearing the apron I made. My very first apron.
She won it at my Pampered Chef party.
I need to make her a smaller version...this one swallows her!!

This is Julie.
Julie took the class.
Julie made her apron.
Julie just had a baby.
Julie is probably talking on the phone
to make sure baby is ok.
Julie has a family that sews, but Julie is learning.
Julie has her own blog.
Hopping Farms

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The Vintage Kitten said...

Lovely aprons. I do like a nice apron. I always feel more domestic when I wear one X

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